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Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

The Processing Centre acknowledges its responsibilities under the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and is committed to preventing slavery and human trafficking within its own businesses and in its supply chains. We consistently review both our internal practices in relation to the labour force and supply chains.

We are committed to tackling this crime through effective due diligence and risk assessment, raising awareness of modern slavery and working together to protect the most vulnerable groups of people.

Key elements are:

  1. Policy and due diligence; We expect suppliers to meet the provisions set out in this Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. We have a due diligence process which assesses adherence to these requirements.
  2. Risk assessment; modern slavery involves criminal activity and the signs can often be very subtle and difficult to identify, so audits can only get us so far. Therefore, we are going beyond a traditional auditing compliance approach by improving our understanding of where the risks are greatest and prioritising our activity accordingly. We are currently engaging stakeholders, mapping requirements with HR using risk assessment tools and working with the recruitment agencies to assess risk in priority supply chains.
  3. Awareness and collaboration; We are members of Stronger Together. This programme raises awareness of issues such as; forced labour, exploitative practices by labour providers and human trafficking.

Engaging employees effectively and giving them, a clear voice will enable them to shape and improve their working conditions in the areas that matter the most to them. The Processing Centre are committed to promoting this opportunity through our Employee Working Group, quarterly Job Chats and regular audits.

We respect and listen to our employees and encourage their learning and development. We promote equality and consider the interests of our employees including their wellbeing, health and safety at all times.

The Processing Centre commits to keeping employees informed of Group activities through; team briefs, huddles and regular staff meetings. Employees can access the company intranet to obtain general information about the Group. Employees are encouraged to discuss operational issues with their line managers and to suggest ways to improve; customer satisfaction, performance and efficiency.

When we work with Agencies we make sure that all eligibility requirements, skills and experience of all potential workers are screened to ensure that they have the best possible working experience and that they are not set up to fail.

The Processing Centre has a ‘zero tolerance’ policy towards modern slavery. It will refrain from entering into business, and/or will discontinue any current business with any other organisation which knowingly supports or is found to involve itself in slavery, forced or compulsory labour. The Processing Centre strictly adheres to the minimum standards required in relation to its responsibilities under relevant employment legislation in the United Kingdom.

The Processing Centre offers employment contracts which state ‘hours as necessitated by the needs of the business’, on average throughout the year we ensure that this calculates to 40 hours per week and all staff are classed as full time and are on the payroll system with head office.

Part-time and fixed-term employees within The Processing Centre are provided with the same pro-rata contractual entitlements as full-time and permanent employees. If these are not offered, the Group has objectively justifiable grounds.

Our aim is the happiness of our employees through their worthwhile and satisfying employment in a successful business.