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“simplifying the pipeline through a one-stop shop”

The Processing Centre, part of the Citipost Group of Companies has announced exciting plans to launch a dedicated division within the business – providing an unrivalled one-stop shop for its logistics and fulfilment operations.

The decision follows the continuing exponential growth in the online marketplace with more and more organisations entering the e-commerce arena. The Processing Centre already handles freight daily for many household names and is completely focused on the future growth plan.

From its 67,000 sq ft warehouse and processing centre at South Normanton’s Berristow Lane, the TPC arm of the business will build on the company’s already impressive reputation as a leader in global services.

The Processing Centre will enable the business to increase its offering with flexible fulfilment and distribution solutions for international and domestic clients.

Customers will benefit from a tailored process to meet their individual requirements as well as full end-to-end support – including data analysis, account management and an internal customer services function. TPC believes that the team members behind the operation should have a great knowledge of the pipeline which enables them to support the customers with genuine empathy.

Citipost, which has extensive experience in catalogue processing and fulfilment, has also invested heavily in new state-of-the-art technology to further streamline the process and drive efficiencies.

And the business has increased its operational team, with more jobs set to be created, to ensure they can keep up with demand.

The man at the helm is transport and logistics expert Bob Powner, who brings more than 25 years’ experience to the post.

Formerly Processing and Linehaul Director at City Link, Bob has brought a new focus to the business – drawing on the principles of the parcels industry.  

He believes the new division will bring huge benefits to the business and its customers – ensuring the highest level of service.

“We are delighted to have launched a dedicated arm of TPC, which handles the sortation, routing and crucially distribution to final mile delivery providers to meet a customer’s individual requirements,” added TPC’s Managing Director.

“Citipost already has a strong track record in fulfilment and final mile delivery  of a range of items including catalogues and printed material and we are building on this market-leading position after identifying a growth opportunity in warehousing, fulfilment and despatch within other sectors.

“We are confident that TPC will provide an unbeatable service to our clients both here at home and overseas. The company has invested heavily in TPC to ensure that we are front of mind for customers looking for first-class service at a competitive price.”

Bob’s team are made up of “home grown” talent and members that have gained experience in Royal Mail. Sainsburys and Rentokil. “We have a great mix and the right balance amongst the team that have a focus on delivering a service that achieves the KPI’s across a balanced scorecard.”   

With the ability to deliver 24/7, 365 days of the year, customers can also benefit from TPC’s flexibility and its ability to provide a comprehensive range of warehousing, fulfilment and delivery services.

And in addition to their own in-house team of developers, TPC is able to source their own consumables such as packaging and labelling – adding an additional offering to its customer-base.